First Preview Shot!

December 30, 2007

Wow, it’s already 204 total views since the website became fully operational, and that’s ONLY 4 days! With our highest record, being December 29th – with 94 views… So close to 100 ;). No matter – as a gratitude, the developers and I have decided to give you a sneak peak on one of our many characters. The characters are still in development stages and subject to changes. Hopefully you like it, and opinions are definitely welcome!


Oh, and if we can get 100 on ONE day, be warned that another picture will appear 😉

Last thing – If I were you, I would check back on the New Year…you never know who might show up to help you celebrate it!


Calling all gamers!

December 29, 2007

We here at Outrageous Entertainment have a secret plan. And this secret plan involves a little bit of problem solving, specifically in the “acquisition” department. But in order to see this plan through, we need some help from you, the Force-Cast fan. We’d like to know how many of you have a copy of Star Wars Battlefront II for the PC and how many of you don’t. If you don’t, but you’d like to play Yellow Harvest, don’t leave just yet, because we still need your help. What we’d like you all to do is go to the Yellow Harvest forum thread (located here) and make a reply stating whether or not you have BF2. If you don’t have BF2, include in your reply whether or not you’d still like to play Yellow Harvest. If you aren’t a forum user and you really don’t want to make an account, post your answer in the comments for this post.

Private Release Out

December 28, 2007

If you’re one of the lucky people with the Private Demo, congratulations! But don’t worry, everyone will have their chance to play it! The Private Demo is currently out for VIPs (Not that you’re not important 🙂 ), such as the Force Cast Crew, the developers and a group of professional “modders”. The very intention of the Private Release is to get rid of any bugs, glitches, or any items which could disturb the gameplay experience. If you are one of the lucky few to be testing the mod, please send questions, comments, and concerns to

Hello Rebelscummers!

December 27, 2007

If you’re reading this post, you were undoubtedly sent here from the Rebelscum forum topic about the mod. If that’s the case, welcome! Daniel, Calvin, and I will be posting updates here on the status of the mod. Check back often for more information about the trailer, release dates, etc. Thanks and MTFBWY!

A little delay

December 26, 2007

So I guess I spoke too soon. Daniel emailed me this morning to say that he’d forgotten to upload the mod to his server last night. That’s not really a problem, though, because it’s not like this was a public release. Calvin and I can easily wait, because we already know how great it will be. There’s no aspect of suspense keeping us up at night, making us wonder exactly what it will be. And as for the Force-Cast crew, well, they don’t even know it exists, so I’m sure they won’t miss it. Obviously it was an accident, and I don’t fault Daniel. Between all the hard work on this mod and all the other stuff he must have going on in his life, this was totally understandable. Speaking from a professional standpoint, this kind of thing must happen all the time, and patience, as the Jedi say, is a virtue. But speaking from a personal standpoint… I can’t wait to play this mod! Hurry up Daniel!

Almost there

December 25, 2007

Daniel has told me that the BF2 mod is completed! The first stage of its release will consist of the game’s developers and the Force-Cast crew only. Daniel is waiting until tonight before he goes to sleep to upload the game, because he says it’s a big installer. I’ll check with him and see if we can post some screenshots here.


December 25, 2007

Welcome to the official homepage for Yellow Harvest: A Force-Cast BF2 Mod. This website will be updated with more information about the mod, screenshots, release dates, and, of course, a trailer. Stay tuned for the latest on Yellow Harvest!