A little delay

So I guess I spoke too soon. Daniel emailed me this morning to say that he’d forgotten to upload the mod to his server last night. That’s not really a problem, though, because it’s not like this was a public release. Calvin and I can easily wait, because we already know how great it will be. There’s no aspect of suspense keeping us up at night, making us wonder exactly what it will be. And as for the Force-Cast crew, well, they don’t even know it exists, so I’m sure they won’t miss it. Obviously it was an accident, and I don’t fault Daniel. Between all the hard work on this mod and all the other stuff he must have going on in his life, this was totally understandable. Speaking from a professional standpoint, this kind of thing must happen all the time, and patience, as the Jedi say, is a virtue. But speaking from a personal standpoint… I can’t wait to play this mod! Hurry up Daniel!


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