Calling all gamers!

We here at Outrageous Entertainment have a secret plan. And this secret plan involves a little bit of problem solving, specifically in the “acquisition” department. But in order to see this plan through, we need some help from you, the Force-Cast fan. We’d like to know how many of you have a copy of Star Wars Battlefront II for the PC and how many of you don’t. If you don’t, but you’d like to play Yellow Harvest, don’t leave just yet, because we still need your help. What we’d like you all to do is go to the Yellow Harvest forum thread (located here) and make a reply stating whether or not you have BF2. If you don’t have BF2, include in your reply whether or not you’d still like to play Yellow Harvest. If you aren’t a forum user and you really don’t want to make an account, post your answer in the comments for this post.


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