First Preview Shot!

Wow, it’s already 204 total views since the website became fully operational, and that’s ONLY 4 days! With our highest record, being December 29th – with 94 views… So close to 100 ;). No matter – as a gratitude, the developers and I have decided to give you a sneak peak on one of our many characters. The characters are still in development stages and subject to changes. Hopefully you like it, and opinions are definitely welcome!


Oh, and if we can get 100 on ONE day, be warned that another picture will appear 😉

Last thing – If I were you, I would check back on the New Year…you never know who might show up to help you celebrate it!


3 Responses to First Preview Shot!

  1. erier2003 says:

    Currently there are no plans for the ability to change looks, but it’s something we’ll consider. As for the demo, it’ll be out before you know it. We’re trying to get certain other things finished and out the door before we release the demo, but that shouldn’t take too long on our current schedule.

    And no, the Production Diary must stay locked until we release the demo. We’ve gotta have some secrets! 🙂

  2. erier2003 says:

    The demo is not the final product. Currently, there is no exact date for its release. No, the demo’s contents are a surprise. And when you say, “which timezone are we getting it?” I hope you’re not referring to the demo, because thats not a New Year’s release. A possible preview of our demo, however, IS definitely in the near future.

  3. erier2003 says:

    There are some things we will not be previewing, only because the demo release is getting very close. However, you can rest assured that certain characters you know and love from everyone’s favorite Star Wars podcast will be making appearances in the game.

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