A Contest – Now Two?

“Always two there are”

And based on this, we will reveal our next contest. Which will be two parts. Pay attention… It’s going to be one big and difficult challenge. Why? The game’s not out yet. And you’ll have no idea what it’ll be – Except the trailer (Which didn’t show much other than basic moves you’ve already seen)…

Who?: You, Your friends – Anyone. You can do this alone, you can do this in a group.

What?: Film a short 30 second to 45 second “TV SPOT” that shows off The Force Cast, The Mod and your skills 75% should be in-game footage.

When?: This contest is due… Well, if I tell that – Won’t I be telling you the Approximate release date of our demo?

Where?: Whats the point of this? Not only will you get a prize (Keeping THAT a mystery for now), you will be getting your video featured on our googlepage. Any maybe even plugged by TheForce.Net ! :O

Why?: When it comes to this, everyone is try to get us to say the prize. Because there’s still a short time until it’ll start. I think this should be kept empty… Until the main page dedicated to this is up.

That’s Part One… But what’s Part Two? You’ll probably have to wait “Quite a long time”. But I will tell you. The Prize is more appealing than Part One, but also much harder. 😉


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