About the Mod

In late November 2007, Force-Cast fan Daniel Mutchler decided to undertake a mountainous endeavor. He wanted to create a Battlefront II mod for the Force-Cast. He began working with mod tools he found online, and soon he had a strong foundation upon which to build the mod. He enlisted the help of fellow Force-Cast fans Calvin and Eric and also help from Gametoast users. Daniel worked tirelessly to develop the map, design and produce the characters, and publish it for all Force-Casters to enjoy. Well, all Force-Casters with a copy of Battlefront II.

To help him create accurate representations of important Force-Cast personalities, Daniel also received assistance from Kay and Mark, of FCTV fame. But before he even thought about releasing the mod, Daniel knew he should get his target audience hyped up. And what better way to do that then with a trailer? That’s where Calvin and Eric came in. They began working on the mod’s trailer in late December, receiving clips from Daniel as he tested the mod in various stages of completion. Finally, on January 2, 2008, the trailer was released to the public as a streaming video and as a download. On that same day, TheForce.Net put up a post plugging the mod and linking to its website. Within six hours, over 150 people had clicked through to the site.

Soon after, the actual name for the mod was unveiled: The Force-Cast Unleashed, a reference to LucasArts’ revolutionary 2008 game.  On Thursday, February 21, 2008, the team released the first public demo of The Force-Cast Unleashed.

Want to learn more about the good folks who are bringing you this mod? Read on.

Daniel Mutchler

Daniel Mutchler is relatively new to the Force-Cast. He started listening live with his brother Seth (Fallen_Fan_No_1) in September 2007. Since then he has been an avid fan of it, listening live every Wednesday. Daniel looks forwards to completing this mod. “It’s a lot of work,” he says. He enjoys playing video games and says “This mod will make Star Wars Battlefront 2 almost like a whole new game!” To find out more about Daniel email him at danielmutchler@gmail.com.

Eric Geller

A Force-Cast fan from nearly the beginning, Eric is a constant contributor, listener, caller, and fan. Eric started interacting with the Force-Cast crew after his submission to the Pledge of Allegiance Contest tied for first place. Never missing a live taping and never failing to crack a terrible joke, Eric’s habit of calling in with “just a few comments” has become a ritual each Wednesday night. Eric was recently named President of the Official Unofficial Force-Cast Fan Club, and he maintains that he will not abuse the power he has been awarded. To find out more about Eric, visit http://www.ericjgeller.com.

Calvin Lee

“Size Matter not” as Yoda has said. This young trainee who sits on his computer in Hong Kong has been providing more fun than many can imagine. He’s been listening to the Force-Cast since around March – and catches the non-live show every Friday at midnight as it’s posted up on TFN – avoiding the pain to sleep. He is desperate to get into a live show, but life always gets in the way. He is now listening to some good new music. Anyhow – for more information on him, just email him straight – calvinlee_3@hotmail.com.


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