TV Spot Contest


Who?: You, Your friends – Anyone. You can do this alone, you can do this in a group.

What?: Film a short 30 second to 45 second “TV SPOT” that shows off The Force Cast, The Mod and your skills 75% should be in-game footage.

When?: This contest is due… Well, if I tell that – Won’t I be telling you the Approximate release date of our demo?

Where?: Whats the point of this? Not only will you get a prize (Keeping THAT a mystery for now), you will be getting your video featured on our googlepage. Any maybe even plugged by TheForce.Net ! :O

Why?: When it comes to this, everyone is try to get us to say the prize. Because there’s still a short time until it’ll start. I think this should be kept empty… Until the main page dedicated to this is up.


Stay tuned!


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