What’s the Story?

What’s the story? We have a good game here, but a good game should have a greater story! We have a few ideas, but we want YOU to participate in the story making. We will pick out TWO stories for a series of campaign missions. And we’ll have a group of “secret” judges who’ll choose the other.

They will HAVE to adhere to the following rules –

  • The story HAS to feature Jason and Pete in one way or another
  • The Force Cast is child-friendly, no nudity, except Shirtless Palpatine
  • You may include a character of your choice, As long as it’s within the LFL universe
  • For Bonus Points, you can follow the “Lucas Style” in this game.

So whats the prize? Whats in it for you? The Prize is still being discussed, but for sure, you can enjoy a character of your choice to fight against the “secret” judges’ chosen characters! So thats 2 characters made specifically for you! Your campaign character and your assault character… And hopefully a real-world item, but that’s something we’ll have to come back to. Our deadline has not yet been set, but our projected date is Mid-April, with our judges’ final decision by Early May!

If you have any entries – Send them to our Email! forcecastmod@gmail.com


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