Picture of the Day – Part Two

January 18, 2008

Another photo – this time we feature our favorite Craphole stormtrooper as he’s getting killed by our favorite Force-Cast host! Can you guess which host it is?


Picture of the Day

January 18, 2008

Here is the Picture of the Day. Since I didn’t put up a POTD yesterday. I’ll put up another one later today. Next week I will be much more organized about POTD. Chewie and Lando

Computer Fixed!

January 16, 2008

I just got my computer back from the computer shop and am setting it up right now! It should be running tonight! Sorry about the Picture of the Day today. I’ll see if I can get something new once the computer is fiexed.

Picture of the Day

January 15, 2008

Here is today’s picture of the day. I have decided I’m going to post the PODs about 11 AM or 12 PM EST every day. Well, here is the photo of the day, again made by Devman115:


Picture of the Day

January 14, 2008

Here is the belated Picture of the Day. I will try to get it earlier tomorrow. Also I have good news, tomorrow I most likely will be able to get my computer from the computer shop! And that means more working on the Force-Cast Unleashed! Well anyways, here is the picture made by Devman115:battlefrontii-2008-01-14-15-55-58-93-condensed.jpg

Shirtless Palpatine!

January 11, 2008

Today I have a WIP (Work In Progress) photo of Shirtless Palpatine!

palpy.jpg picture by daniel060593

Keep visiting the Force-Cast Unleashed Website because every day next week will have a new photo!

Progress update: My computer is still in the shop, but hopefully I’ll have enough old material to show you guys until it is fixed.

Production Diary Now Public!!!!

January 10, 2008

The Production Diary is now public!!!  You can view it on the Production Archives page.  The current Production Diary page though is still password protected but every once in awhile we’ll release a new Production Diary for the public to see. 

Also the Photo Gallery has some new pics in it. 

Come back to the website tomorow for a sneak peek of a certain topless tyrant!