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You can find archived production notes from the project managers on this page.


12/28/07: Today Daniel has finally uploaded and sent out his demo! It’s definitely amazing! I can’t wait to play the real thing! Apart from Daniel’s hardwork, Eric and I finally got the trailer planned out, and I even completed a rough storyboard, hopefully the trailer will be completed soon, and thanks to the Jawas tips, we now have the Sandcrawler’s power on disposal! ;D If we’re keeping on track, we should (not this is not DEFINITE yet) have Yellow Harvest released on the 31st Anniversary! [Posted by Calvin]

12/28/07: I just finished talking with Calvin regarding the specifics of the trailer. We went over a storyboard and a basic script. Now we just need to get a filming crew together and we’ll be all set. Daniel contacted TallestJawa and asked for his assistance filming trailer footage, and Daniel’s brother Seth might help us as well. [Posted by Eric]

12/28/07: Calvin and I are putting together a plan that he suggested to me this morning. He mentioned that lots of Force-Cast fans might not have — or be able to afford — a copy of Battlefront II. Since you need BF2 to play our mod, this would be a real problem for some people. Apparently, he and Daniel had been talking and they decided to help solve that problem. We’re currently working on getting extra used copies of BF2 on the cheap, so that Force-Casters can join us in enjoying the mod. As it stands, the plan is to buy the extra copies and package all the BF2 stuff with a special CD containing our mod inside a decorated box. We’re even considering the possibility of getting Jason and Pete to autograph the boxes. Speaking of Jason and Pete, we’re also thinking of contacting them and seeing if their LucasArts connections could score us one or two extra copies of BF2. [Posted by Eric]

12/29/07: I finished a rough outline of the demo 1 trailer and sent it to Calvin. It’s got some basic audio and video content that I had on hand and that I got from filming a bit with Calvin today. I put title cards as stand-ins for the rest of the video footage we need. Now if only TallestJawa hadn’t put the words “Force-Cast Gaming League” on those awesome images[Posted by Eric]

12/31/07: Right now production of the mod is under hiatus. I can’t find my Star Wars Battlefront 2 disc 1, which I need to run the BF2_modtools to debug the mod. We can still film the trailer or come up with ideas and skins though. [Posted by Daniel]

12/31/07: I just found my CD so I immediatly went to debugging. You can see the error log here. Here are the major bugs:

Message Severity: 3
EntitySoldier “all_hero_chewbacca” missing lowres animation bank “wookielz”

Message Severity: 3
FirstPerson::LoadLVLFile: Could not open FPM\heroes\heroes.lvl

Message Severity: 2
Weapon ‘all_weap_hero_landopistol’ is not localized for stats page
ingame stream movies\crawl.mvs

Message Severity: 2
Team missing class “rep_inf_arc_red” (check the side’s .req file)
[Posted by Daniel]

1/3/08 First update of the year, well, doesn’t mean we haven’t been working! Even we didn’t get a New Year’s Break! Well, the trailer’s now up! And IMO, it seems rushed on some parts – but that doesn’t matter… YET! it’s only a teaser afterall. We thank everyone who has helped made it possible, and hopefully, this means we’re closer to our demo release date.

We also completed our fan favourite Lando! Billy Dee Williams! Yes, he’s completed. The next is not yet fully operation!. Admiral Motti, he who, who is owed a nickel ;).

As for character updates, Daniel is now planning to update both Jason and Pete to make the characters resemble the two of them better.
[Posted by Calvin]

1/05/08: Lando Calrissian and his pistol are now localized. Though I ran into one bug with Lando. When you go to first person you don’t see his arms or gun. Last night I had a lengthy disscusion with RepSharpshooter on how to get the Arc trooper to work. I think I’m getting closer. SilverDalek is now on board helping us with skins.
[Posted by Daniel]

1/06/08: Daniel and I had a chat about something that might work for our “earning” plans. Still waiting to discuss this with Eric, but we ARE very optimistic about this. Question now is, how can we make people participate in this.
[Posted by Calvin]

1/06/08: Leave it to me to bring them both down. I discussed the “earning” plans with both Calvin and Daniel, and my feeling is that we won’t meet the minimum requirements from our potential sources of revenue to actually get paid. Our method of making the money is still a viable option for generating interest in the project, but not as a source of revenue. [Posted by Eric]

1/06/08: Thanks to SilverDalek we now have a rough skin of Shirtless Palpatine and Sio Bibble. I have tested Palpatine in game. Palpatine’s shirtless chest needs to be fixed and more of the robe needs to be taken off. I am having troubles putting Sio Bibble in-game. Our progress on getting him in-game is here: [Posted by Daniel]

01/08/08: Progress on The Force-Cast Unleashed is currently on hiatus. My computer with the Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod tools isn’t working. Hopefully I can get the computer working some time this week. [Posted by Daniel]


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